Size Matters

Learn the importance of properly sized social media posts

The growth and importance of social media requires a professional presentation of your business or brand. Too often updating the company Facebook page is assigned to “someone,” in the office instead of engaging a vendor with the right design ability and software to keep your company’s image presented in the same professional manner that you’ve built your company.

Rule #1 is Size Matters

We see social media posts daily that are not properly sized, cutting off part of the copy or image. It’s unflattering to the business and keeps viewers from further engagement. A professional designer knows the proper size for each platform—and it’s never one-size-fits-all.

Rule #2 Less is More

Professional copywriters engage in the art of re-writing, over and over again to reduce the amount of copy they use. You can add a link at the end for “more information” while keep your message succinct.

Rule #3 Create your brand guide

Smart marketers use fonts, colors and logos consistent—and they keep them to a minimum as well to cause their audience to immediately identify with their goods and services. Having a brand guide to use across multiple platforms in your marketing pays dividends.

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Is Your Facebook Business Page Embarrassing?

LEG has affordable solutions for small business owners

Smart marketing for brands and businesses requires review and accountability of your social media pages. The minimum action required is to update your Facebook business page weekly. Accounts that go weeks, and even months without an update are equivalent to hanging a “Closed,” sign on your door or the old days of websites with pages marked, “Under construction,” pretty ugly stuff.

At Lenz Entertainment Group, we offer Facebook Business plans at an affordable of $300 per month. Our plans include professional graphics displays and posts created specifically for your business on a weekly basis. Plus, two short, professional videos for your business each month—these videos alone are worth the monthly investment. Additionally, we do the posting for you to maintain timely postings. Additionally, with the Facebook business plan, Lenz Entertainment Group will create additional, long-form videos at discounted rates for our Facebook clients.

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Storytelling Produces Results in Your Marketing

Let us develop powerful videos for your business or brand

There is a powerful dynamic when you begin to focus on the “why” of your business or brand as much as the “what” of your product or service. Focusing on the “why” is storytelling and will help set you apart from your competition. Understand that consumers increasingly are searching (before buying) to learn your story and to compare you to your competition. Invest the time to understand how your product or service fits into the user’s life and tell that story. Do not shy away from proactively communicating your values.

Storytelling builds trust and it makes us feel like we know the person behind the brand and what they stand for. That’s trust. Trust is essential for people to not only buy from you, but recommend your company to others.

When we see a movie, our desire is a good story. Whether we like the movie, or not, we will tell others—word of mouth advertising. The same is true in business, so having a good story to tell is powerful branding.

A compelling leader to study is Walt Disney. His senses were keenly tuned to the power of storytelling. He not only created great shows and attractions, he took you behind the scenes, so you could learn how Walt and his cast created the entertainment—stories about the story!

The Power of Testimonial Videos

(Orlando Video Production – LEG) May 10, 2019

Word of mouth is without a doubt, the best advertising for your goods and services. When you couple that with a client testimonial, you multiply your chances to engage new prospects. Add video and you expand the possibilities even more.

Testimonial videos build trust and credibility. You put prospects at ease and allow them the opportunity to take a closer look at what you are offering.

Testimonial videos use emotion to persuade the mind. Follow the heartstrings and reach the heart first and the mind will generally follow.

Testimonial videos are powerful because we are attracted to good stories and when you capture a good story on video, add professional graphics and appropriate music with the right editing, you have a sales asset that works for you 24/7.

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Is it Time to Rethink Your Video Strategy?

LEG (Orlando Video Production) has solutions for your business

(Orlando Video Production) Do you have your own YouTube Channel? Are you building your content? Consider the current trends:

  1. Cisco predicts that video will be 82 percent of all internet traffic by 2022.
  2. Almost 2 Billion US consumers use YouTube every month.
  3. It is not just young people. Half of American internet users aged 75 and over use YouTube

Lenz Entertainment Group has an outstanding team of video production specialists, graphics designers, script development editors and professional voice-over artists ready to serve your needs, with a personal touch.

Our founder, Jerry Lenz, will work with you one-on-one. Give Jerry a call 407-221-6166 or email Jerry@LenzEntertainmentGroup.Com  To see samples of LEG’s videos, visit LenzEntertainmentGroup.Com