Celebrate The Long and Winding Road

Attaining “Expert” Status in your career

What does it take to attain “Expert,” status in your career?

Getting good–really good, at your craft is a long and winding road. Actually attaining “expert” status is something that leaders in your industry sanction by their remarks and statements regarding your performance. It’s not a degree or certificate you receive.

It’s a reputation that you build by racking up many miles on the long and winding road. A road littered with speedbumps and roadblocks. Overcoming adversity in your career is key to your growth because you are acquiring the building blocks of experience and new-found strength.

It’s humous today that almost anyone can become a “digital expert,” by completing two hour of online education or buying a software program loaded with magical spells.

Embrace the long and winding world and whenever you discover you’ve taken a wrong turn, retrace your steps until your back in position to complete your journey.

Smart Careers for Young People

Lenz Entertainment is dedicated to helping promote trade careers

Lenz Entertainment Group is dedicated to encouraging young women and men to consider the trades as an excellent career path. LEG founder, Jerry Lenz, explains, “50 years ago I graduated from North Hennepin Community College (Brooklyn Park MN) with a 2-year degree (AAS) in Sales and Marketing. The practical education I received is still serving me today and I had no student debt.” 

It’s LEG’s goal to help trade contractors grow their business by recruiting young people to investigate the incredible opportunities the trades have to offer without burdensome debt.

LEG News Release:

Lenz Entertainment Group (LEG) is now the official video partner for FACCPA– Florida Air Conditioning Contractors Professional Alliance. As a corporate sponsor, LEG will be working with contractors to help them increase their marketing share and develop video marketing campaigns to engage homeowners. Additionally, Lenz Entertainment Group will be providing complimentary marketing ideas and suggestions to the member contractors.

Samples of LEG trade contractor videos can be found here: https://lenzentertainmentgroup.com/videos-for-the-trades/

As an added benefit for Florida Air Conditioning Contractors Professional Alliance members, LEG will be extending discounted rates on all types of video production to further help the members improve their ROI.

Lenz Entertainment Group is proud to be a corporate sponsor for Florida Air Conditioning Contractors Professional Alliance and LEG is excited about our cool future together.

About LEG: Lenz Entertainment Group provides affordable marketing solutions and video production for small business owners and trade contractors. We roll up our sleeves and get to work on your business. Email Jerry@LenzEntertainmentGroup.com or call (407) 221-6166

Questions over Assumptions

Orlando Video Production by Lenz Entertainment Group

The sales process includes answering objections and the mature salesperson recognizes that there is no sale without objections. The sales process also requires active listening and asking good questions to clearly understand what the prospect believes and is objecting to. One of the greatest questions a salesperson can ask is, “how do you mean?” Asking this question after an objection will often surprise the salesperson that assumed the answer.

Make it easy for your prospect…

Often, prospects will be reluctant to object for fear that you will become upset or adamant. For this reason, take a different approach and make it easy for the customer to object by responding in a cheerful, friendly, constructive way when they raise an objection—and remember, questions over assumptions.

Gratitude is a perennial human experience

Orlando Video Production – Lenz Entertainment Group

Gratitude is a perennial human experience. And, having an attitude of gratitude in your business transactions will multiply your success.

Gratitude: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness, defined by the Oxford English Dictionary

Feeling and expressing gratitude can bring so much joy to your life, not just your business.

Remember how you felt helping a friend? The little warmth it made you feel inside your bones. To feel good, more regularly and naturally, you need to amend your expectations to see the positive before you see the negative.

Old-fashioned values like integrity and gratitude never go out of style, but you cannot read them on your KPI reports…you can however, read them in your customer’s eyes and warm handshakes when you go out of your way to serve others and be grateful.