Powerful Seeds

Marketing Tips from Lenz Entertainment Group

If you desire a harvest down the road, it’s best to be planting seeds today. Do you foresee a workforce shortage ahead? Take action now by planting seeds.

Here is a creative approach for future workforce needs—reach out to your local high schools and find ways to get involved so that teachers and students in your community become more familiar with your company.

Many high schools offer the opportunity to host high school interns, and in some cases they will offer a job shadow program.

Students need opportunities to deepen their classroom learning by applying their skills, passions and interests to authentic workplace experiences. Students benefit from early exposure to the world of work, and employers enjoy the energy and enthusiasm that students, interns, and teachers bring to their business.

Think of the possibilities for future harvests—go plant some seeds today.

Surprise Marketing

Full employment requires surprise marketing

With a robust economy and full workforce, employers benefit in their recruitment efforts by surprise marketing instead of typical job postings.

With a full workforce, ideal candidates are most-likely already employed and not searching. Utilizing a Facebook campaign (paid) is disruptive—reaching people

at their leisure. Plus, you reach spouses and family members. You can further increase your effectiveness with a professionally designed post. It is affordable and effective.

Need help with your Facebook marketing? Call Jerry Lenz 407-221-6166 or Email: Jerry@LenzEntertainmentGroup.com

Tell us Your Story

Lenz Entertainment Group helps you tell your story

Quick power points on the advantages of telling your story:

  1. Storytelling will help you build a strong culture in the company you founded.
  2. Build deeper relationships with your customers with your story.
  3. Encourage others by telling your story of overcoming adversity on your journey
  4. Young people are seeking mentors, tell them your story.
  5. Help people you’ll never meet by sharing your story.


Creating Ads that are Significant, Unique and Credible

Are you guilty of AdSpeak?

Chances are that if your ads look and sound like ads, you are guilty of AdSpeak.

AdSpeak is using phrases like “family-owned,” “20 years in business,” or the overused “friendly customer service.” Ad-speak is filled with polished words and filtered phrases that deliver no information and have no relevance.

Instead, use copy that is:

  1. UNIQUE – Discover what differentiates you from your competition.
  2. SIGNIFICANT – We’re proud to be included in the Business Journals’ “Top places to work.”
  3. CREDIBLE – Our phones are answered by employees 100% of the time, including our 24/7 emergency service.