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Have you claimed your FREE, traffic-driving Google My Business page? According to Forbes, “56% of local businesses are missing out on one of the biggest super moves to get seen on Google: claiming  their Google My Business listing.”

If this is you, you need to stop everything and get this done because it can help you be seen on the first page of Google for local searches. And since the first page captures the majority of traffic and clicks, how much money, customers, leads, etc., are you missing out on by not having your Google My Business listing claimed and optimized? Below are the specific steps I’d recommend every business take to ensure they are visible to their ideal and likely buyers.

1. Go to, click “manage now” and follow the prompts. It is important to fill out every single section in its entirety to have a complete business listing. Fill out as many categories that apply to your business. Also, make sure to include the correct phone number and website. I cannot tell you how many times we see the wrong phone number or URL in a Google Business listing.

2. Fill out your business description. This is an opportunity to set your company apart from others. Make sure to highlight your services that match the business categories you’ve selected. I’d also suggest having a great “no-brainer” offer that makes it easy for potential customers to decide to use your product or service (e.g., “Try us for only $1”).

3. Upload photos, videos and/or a virtual tour. A virtual tour can be a great way to show potential customers the experience they can expect from your business. However, you should only do a tour if you have a storefront that you are proud to show off to the world. Photos (make sure they look good!) can show customers you and your team, action photos of your product or service in action and, of course, more cat photos! (Joking about the cat photos.) Also, video testimonials can be uploaded to share previous customer experiences. This leads me to my next point …

4. Get reviews. This is super important for both your Google My Business ranking and your potential customers. How many times have you chosen to go to a certain place due to the reviews? Make sure you are intentional about getting objective reviews from your customers. Make this a focus for you and your entire team to get a review from everyone that uses your services. Never stop getting reviews. You can also respond to reviews from your Google My Business dashboard to show engagement with your customers. A great way to ask for reviews is to inform your customers that you are always looking for feedback and ways to make their experience even better, so any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Learn to Step Back

Lenz Entertainment Group – Encouragement

It’s much easier to see as you mature, however, the reality is that most people stress needlessly as they overthink a decision. Learn to step back and pause—really pause. And, take a deep breath. Sometimes a five-minute walk outside is enough to destress. Then, with a simple and calm sense, make the decision or take the action you were pondering. Good or bad, right or wrong, making the decision alone will give you a boost. And, you can always change course. There is an awesome world of second chances swirling around you.

Gossip Harms Your Business

Gossip that creates trouble for your company is the kind that is caused by ill intentions towards an individual or group. This type of gossip can be harmful to productivity and tarnish the culture of the work environment. If left ignored, this negative gossip can cause employee turnover, poor morale and disruption of workflow.

As a leader, model the behavior you want to see in your people.

Understanding the role, you play in the creation of office gossip is the first step towards eliminating its harmful effects. If you regularly whisper secrets to your team, it’s likely others will act the same way. Model behavior to others that makes it clear which behaviors are acceptable and which are not.

Make a Smart Move…

Does Your Business have a YouTube Channel?

Lenz Entertainment Group will help you develop a YouTube Channel

Since its introduction in 2005, the video sharing/social media site YouTube has become an indispensable advertising and marketing tool for businesses in every industry, of every size to promote their products to prospects and customers. … 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute.

Important facts to consider

  1. Video marketing can fit just about any kind of business
  2. YouTube is the second most popular online search engine
  3. Video is considered the most engaging form of content
  4. Keywords are less expensive to target customers vs. Google searches

Lenz Entertainment Group is on call to help you build or grow your YouTube Channel. We create and upload graphics in line with your business brands to establish a professional image for your YouTube Channel—all at an affordable, one-time rate. Plus, every video that we produce for your company, we will upload to your channel at no charge, making sure you have a professional description and the ideal tags to optimize search engine traffic.

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