Are your ads Failing?

Are your ads Failing?

Are you relying on your own perceptions? Often marketers believe that their perception is unbiased and accurate. When you are on the inside looking out, it is difficult to be objective about your own company. It is the perception of your customers and prospects that counts.

The priority for advertising success is to first develop a marketing model. See the marketing model explained here:

 Engage in a non-biased process to discover the truth of what your customers and prospects think and want versus what you think.

Roy Williams, The Wizard of Ads helps us understand ad failure this way:

Advertising fails when people have

   1. no knowledge of the offer. The ad is easily ignored.
   2. no interest in the offer. The offer is (A.) irrelevant or (B.) misunderstood.
   3. no trust in the offer. The claims made in the ad are not credible.

These problems can be solved by

   1. getting the attention of the people with words and phrases that are new, surprising and different.
   2. offering the people what they want to buy (instead of trying to convince them to buy what you’d like to sell.)
   3. supporting your claims with examples that agree with the experiences of your prospective customers.

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