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February 2021


You can Become Resourceful Perseverance requires that you be resourceful. Beginners give up at the first rejection and wrongfully believe that they have done all they could. Being a pro requires you to preserve and become resourceful. Prospects will often try to cut your sales presentation short by making comments like “that doesn’t sound like something...

January 2021

Pressure from management

Workload pressure from downsizing, unworkable ranges of responsibility, and wide spans of control all burden managers and team members alike. Plus, most often these increased stress levels can cloud your decision making and effectiveness. Take a break—even a 5-minute nature break can neutralize these situations. Press in to your positive attitude and believe for more positive outcomes. Consider a mentor....

Be Prepared in Every Situation

It is important to plan every appointment and phone call with the understanding you’re your prospect has unanswered questions, whether they express them or not. The prospect has concerns and unresolved objections for you to overcome. Adequate preparation and experience will give you a variety of ways to ask questions and probe and uncover the...

December 2020

Ask The Power Question

Ask The Power Question Remember to ask, “how do you mean?” The sales process requires active listening and asking good questions to clearly understand what the prospect believes and is objecting to. One of the greatest questions a salesperson can ask is, “how do you mean?” Asking this question after an objection will often surprise the...

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