When people have great stories to tell others about how a business or brand went out of their way to serve their needs, that is remarkable. Great stories as opposed to good stories. Remarkable is over-the-top and far from average. Companies that want to be known as remarkable have a vision of being different than the competition and a drive that propels them to stand head and shoulders above the rest.

It is far easier to build a company culture of being remarkable from the beginning rather than re-engineering later down the road. Visionary leaders that are remarkable themselves tend to recruit team members that are remarkable or have the ability to become remarkable through training. A remarkable team member does more than is expected or required. They have a passion about performing with excellence. Performance that cause people to “remark” and rave about their experience to others. That’s a remarkable company or brand.

Marketing Insights is a service of Lenz Entertainment Group. LEG Orlando Video Production focuses on affordable videos, marketing and advertising services for small business owners.

There is a BS Flag on the play

There is a BS Flag on the play

There is a BS Flag on the play: Ouch! Your ad campaign is not creating leads and your first response is to blame your media reps claiming that, “no one is seeing or hearing your ads.

“Could be…but the odds are better that you didn’t take the time to craft a credible message. What is a credible message?

Credibility is earned over time by businesses and brands that prove their reliability. How often do we experience an ad full of crap and want to shout and throw the BS flag on the playing field?

There will always be a market for snake-oil messages filled with lies—but that’s not your business or brand. A better approach is to build your campaigns around what is significant, unique and credible about your product. Build campaigns around telling the truth. People gravitate to companies and brands that tell the truth and that creates even more-powerful word-of-mouth advertising.

About LEG: Lenz Entertainment Group provides affordable marketing solutions and video production for small business owners and we realize that you are busy working at your business and don’t have the time to work on your business. That’s where Lenz Entertainment Group comes in. We roll up our sleeves and get to work on your business.

There is a BS Flag on the play

People need People

People need people: Barbara Streisand sang “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world,” and it became an award-winning song from the Broadway musical Funny Girl. But before Barbara sang those words, Bob Merrill wrote the lyrics and Jule Styne composed the music. People do need people.

People need people

We need people to mentor us and challenge us if we’re open to personal growth. However, we cannot just be on the receiving side of the equation. We need to give to others. Our hands are amazing tools when we use them to lift others up, building them and encourage them. Seeking isolation to be as totally independent as possible is like asking for a prison sentence in solitary confinement. People need people.

Several years ago, I learned a powerful truth about living an interdependent life instead of trying to be independent. I was listening to Jack Hayford and he defined a self-made man (or woman) as the greatest example of poor workmanship. People need people.

Words that soak into your ears are whispered…not yelled

Words that soak into your ears are whispered...not yelled

Words that soak into your ears are whispered: We’re all to familiar with advertising messages that shout at us, but words softly whispered leave an impression on our heart. Are there times when advertising messages need to be shouted? Yes. A “going out of business,” message is a time to shout.

Words that are whispered are best when they are also brief. Less is more. It requires you to keep drilling down to use the most remarkable and memorable words. Even if you are going to end up with a sixty-second message or long-form video, begin with a ten-second template as it forces you to condense your work. Powerful scripts are rewritten and condensed.

The Pledge of Allegiance is 15 seconds of spoken word. Repeat it to yourself and “see” how the pledge forms powerful visuals.

Whispering, short scripts require discipline. By using this technique, you will break through the clutter in our over-messaged culture. I wish that I could have my post shorter.

The Right Script is Key to a Great Video

The Right Script is Key to a Great Video: (Orlando Video Production) Great beginnings tend to deliver great endings and learning the importance of developing the right script for your video is the most important element.

Three keys to developing a strong script begin with asking, 1.) What do you want people to think? 2.) What do you want people to feel? And 3.) What do you want people to do? When you set this as a foundation and build upon these three keys, you will see your storytelling unfold beginning with a compelling script. You search for the right visuals and voice over talent to deliver your video message.

Lenz Entertainment Group will help you develop a strong script and we provide video production services at affordable rates. Contact Jerry@LenzEntertainmentGroup or call 407-221-6166.

The Right Script is Key to a Great Video

Orlando Video Production at Affordable Rates

Orlando Video Production: (Orlando Florida) Lenz Entertainment Group provides affordable marketing solutions and video production for small business owners and especially trade contractors. First and foremost, we listen to your needs so that we can partner in growing your business.

Orlando Video Production at Affordable Rates

We realize that you are busy working at your business and don’t have the time to work on your business. That’s where Lenz Entertainment Group comes in. We roll up our sleeves and get to work on your business.

Think of it this way…LEG becomes your marketing department and develops the materials and services you need. It’s more affordable than you investing the time to search for and hire an in-house marketing director with limited abilities.

Through innovation and over a decade of networking, Lenz Entertainment Group accomplishes its services by utilizing specialists and independent contractors that contribute to completing your marketing needs.

The LEG team collaborates online…assignments are made, and we immediately go to work. Our time is spent doing the work instead of endless meetings and water cooler talk. That’s how we complete your projects at very affordable rates.

Think about it…because of our organizational structure, we are not forced to pass along the costs of a towering office building and an on-staff barista.

Yup, each LEG team member makes their own coffee.

We are innovators and storytellers at the heart and soul of Lenz Entertainment Group. It’s a fresh approach that our clients appreciate. We’d like to roll up our sleeves and work on your videos and marketing needs. Visit our contact page or call 407-221-6166

Orlando Video Production at affordable rates

Clogged Drain Video customized for Plumbers

Lenz Entertainment Group will customize this video for plumbing contractors. Visit our contact page or call 407-221-6166

This video customized for your plumbing business

Clogged drains can often be cleared with a plunger. If you’re unfamiliar with using a plunger you can quickly learn the steps online to clear the drain.

One word of caution never pour the so-called liquid solutions down your drains as they can cause serious damage to your pipes and a far costlier repair bill.

It’s time to call a plumber if the sink is overflowing and creating a mess.

If other drains become clogged at the same time, call a plumber because this indicates that the clog is in a main drain and needs immediate attention.

Gurgling sounds can indicate a clog that needs attention

Pools of water forming around shower or sink drains

Toilet water bubbles when running water in the sink.

The smell of rotting food coming from your sink may indicate a drain problem.

A smart move is to have your home’s plumbing professionally inspected annually to protect your investment and avoid costly repairs. Lenz Entertainment Group will customize this video for plumbing contractors.

Lenz Entertainment Group is an Orlando Video Production company serving the needs of small business owners. We answer the question, “how much does video production cost,” on our website. We are affordable AND upfront with our pricing to save you time and money.

Custom Training Videos for Your Staff

Custom Training Videos: Spokesperson videos are a powerful way to reach your target audience for marketing purposes. We also create spokesperson videos for internal training purposes and they are an excellent way help train new employees and reduce the management hours needed to repeat the same process with individuals.

Custom Videos for Your Training Purposes

We can help develop the printed materials to test new hires to make sure they understand your procedures. In addition, we’ll show you how to store the videos on a private YouTube channel exclusive to your company.

Whether it’s training or utilizing the power of video to attract new customers, we have solutions to meet your needs.

Lenz Entertainment Group’s video production includes professional scripting, voice-over talent, creative animation of your logo, special effects and more, all at very affordable prices. Visit our contact page now and learn more or call 407-221-6166.

Orlando Video Production: Lenz Entertainment Group is focused on helping small business owners with affordable video solutions.

Custom Training Videos

Repipe Your Home - Videos for Plumbers

When to Repipe Your Home

Repipe your home: Your home’s plumbing is a critical support system that requires maintenance, but we seldom think about the need if there’s water coming out of the tap and our shower is warm. Nonetheless, proper maintenance by a professional plumber will serve you well and protect your investment.

When is it time to repipe your home?

If your home has polybutylene pipes, you need to repipe. The sooner the better as your pipes will fail and burst open can cause major damage.

If you’re experiencing frequent pipe leaks or your pipes show visible signs of corrosion, it’s time to consider repiping.

Also, if you notice rust-colored water from your appliances, it’s time to consult a professional plumber.

This video is a sample of trade videos being produced by Lenz Entertainment Group to provide contractors with professional, affordable video presentations that generate sales and services calls. We will customize this video for your company with additional scripting, voice-over talent, creative animation of your logo, a strong call-to action and more, all at very affordable prices. Email:

Videos for plumbers