Videos for Trade Contractors

Lenz Entertainment Group provides affordable marketing solutions and video production for small business owners and especially trade contractors. First and foremost, we listen to your needs so that we can partner in growing your business.

For the incredible rate of $199, Lenz Entertainment Group will produce a 30-second animated explainer video! This is a complete, script-to-screen solution.

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Free Video for Dentists and Doctors

We are dedicated to helping medical professionals in our community. Lenz Entertainment Group will produce a free 30-second explainer video for you to communicate to your patients and members of your practice. Our team members have rallied to donate their services, enabling us to help medical professionals. Email: This is a no obligation offer to truly help our community. Together, we will get through this crisis and become stronger than ever, as neighbors help neighbors.

Creativity over Panic

Creativity over Panic

The whirlwind of cancelled events has caused panic, yet it is in these storms that creativity and innovation will bring new ideas. At Lenz Entertainment Group, we are already helping companies overcome trade show cancellations.

Many companies that were going to use a trade show to promote new products and services are turning to us to create videos that they can premiere on a private, or public, YouTube Channel and social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Think creatively! Set up your trade show booth in your office and we will film and edit a professional presentation that you can use in a variety of ways.

There are many other applications, such as training videos that team members can review individually instead of group training sessions.

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Keep Panic out of Your Meetings

The advertising industry is starting to panic. According to the Wall Street Journal (March 2 2020), “One of the world’s largest ad buyers plans to lower its forecast for global advertising spending, which is often among some of the first things cut by companies looking for short-term fixes.”

Unless your company’s business is directly related to the health concern, there is no need for panic and cancelling campaigns. You may need to alter plans and events, but bringing your operation to a screeching halt, is not in your best interest.

Instead, work smart. Study the gains by companies in your industry that stepped up their advertising in a recession.

As a popular adage says, “When times are good you should advertise. When times are bad you must advertise.

Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business, GMB, is a free, easy-to-use marketing tool that immediately increases your business online presence and appearance in Google Search.

However, according to Forbes, 56% of local businesses do not claim their Google My Business listing and over 97% never experience the free marketing boost by maintaining a weekly post.

Learn more in this video

Lenz Entertainment Group provides professional and affordable GMB management.

With our monthly service, LEG will provide a weekly post with a properly designed graphic image and short article, related to your business.

LEG ensures that your business information is complete, and we add a properly edited description.

We upload properly edited and sized photos and graphic images of your business.

LEG creates posts featuring your special offers and events

We manage your Google My Business reviews and respond to them to keep your customers engaged.

Additionally, we include a huge bonus for GMB clients that have Lenz Entertainment Group manage their Google My Business listing.

Each month, we will create a 15 to 30-second explainer video to further engage visitors to your GMB listing.

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Lenz Entertainment Group simplifies your marketing and increases your sales

Trustworthy People Do Not Gossip

Gossip is so destructive that it can derail your best laid plans. Organizations that thrive are upfront with their team about gossiping. It is smart to have and enforce a non-gossip policy.

Instruct your team on how to stop gossip. One effective way is when someone starts talking about the boss, or another team member, is to hold the palm of your hand out and say, “stop! If you have a problem with someone, go speak to them directly.”

Dave Ramsey teaches a similar method in his Entreleadership courses. He gives a gossiping person one chance. If they don’t obey, they are fired. People learn quickly when a company truly enforces a no gossip policy.

Here is a helpful proverb to remember, “Without wood, a fire will go out. And without gossip, quarreling will stop.”

Is it Time to Rock the Boat?

Escape the “Group Think,” mentality the stifles creativity if you want to uncover better ideas and processes for solving problems and discovering new paths to sales success.

Your education probably robbed you of your individuality and forced you to confirm. Years ago, I read a study where I.Q. tests were given to children ages 2 – 4 years. Amazingly 95% of the children were found to be highly creative with curious, questioning minds and an ability for abstract thinking.

When the same children were tested again at age 7, only 5% still demonstrated high levels of creativity. In the ensuing years, they had learned to conform; “If you want to get along, you had better go along,” is what they had discovered.

The Dangers of Conformity
They had learned to color between the lines, to sit in neat little rows, to do and say what the other kids did and said, and to do as they were told. Over time, they lost the wonderful fearless spontaneity of youth and learned to suppress ideas and insights that were unusual or different. Perhaps it’s your season to rock the boat.

Clarity—not confusion

Clarity–not confusion

A major flaw in advertising and communication is using too many words and blasting people with a fire hose instead of giving them a drink of water. Another flaw is the jargon jungle. Using invented words to appear cute or cleaver. Your unnecessary words confuse people.

A powerful example to remember is the Pledge of Allegiance. It is profound, yet it only takes 15 seconds to repeat the pledge. Fifteen seconds, not a minute. Go ahead and check me on that. A short, powerful statement delivered in 15 seconds.

Work to deliver a strong message and be brief about it. Less words equal more impact. Writing a meaningful message requires rewriting—editing and more editing.

When you weed a garden, what do you pull out? What do you leave in? Editing a message is the same process. Delete the clutter, pull out the weeds and throw them away. Eliminate the cute and cleaver attempts. Leave the tasty bits to glow in the sun.

Don’t Play the Victim Card

Seek positive solutions

One surefire way to drive positive people away from you is to play the victim card.  While it can feel gratifying in the short term to blame others for your situation, if this is your ongoing attitude. your business will likely fail. Positive people will leave your operation to surround themselves with winners.

When you play the victim with your time, everything around you suffers. You’re constantly on edge in your interactions with others because you fear that they’ll pile yet one more thing on your already heavy load.

Contrast that with the entrepreneur that faces obstacles with a can-do attitude. Instead of blaming or complaining, she rolls up her sleeves and seek positive resolution. Keep the victim card out of your deck.

The Power Hour

One of the most dramatic changes you can make in attaining your most important goals is to change your daily routine. Set your alarm, one hour earlier and establish your own power hour. Some call it their golden hour.

If you read the biographies and autobiographies of successful men and women, most often you will find that they rapidly increased their success when they established their power hour and a new routine.

People of faith know how to begin their day with prayer.  A power hour allows you adequate time to give thanks, meditate and jumpstart your day. Inspired answers will come as you sit calmly in your new private time. Even non-believers benefit from the power hour by practicing positive thinking.

The power hour sets the tone for the day. It prepares your mind and sets you up to focus on the most important tasks for the entire day.

Remember, anything that is truly worthwhile in life requires discipline. Establishing and maintaining your power hour is a sacrifice. Moving outside your comfort zone is not easy.

However, when we look closely at super-successful people, we recognize that their extraordinary accomplishments are the result of thousands of ordinary accomplishments that no one recognizes or appreciates.  

No one will hand you an award plaque for your discipline of a power hour. Nonetheless, within three weeks of making this lifestyle change, an award plaque will seem trivial amidst all the benefits realized from your daily power hour.