Celebrate The Long and Winding Road

Attaining “Expert” Status in your career

What does it take to attain “Expert,” status in your career?

Getting good–really good, at your craft is a long and winding road. Actually attaining “expert” status is something that leaders in your industry sanction by their remarks and statements regarding your performance. It’s not a degree or certificate you receive.

It’s a reputation that you build by racking up many miles on the long and winding road. A road littered with speedbumps and roadblocks. Overcoming adversity in your career is key to your growth because you are acquiring the building blocks of experience and new-found strength.

It’s humous today that almost anyone can become a “digital expert,” by completing two hour of online education or buying a software program loaded with magical spells.

Embrace the long and winding world and whenever you discover you’ve taken a wrong turn, retrace your steps until your back in position to complete your journey.