Clarity—not confusion

Clarity—not confusion

Clarity–not confusion

A major flaw in advertising and communication is using too many words and blasting people with a fire hose instead of giving them a drink of water. Another flaw is the jargon jungle. Using invented words to appear cute or cleaver. Your unnecessary words confuse people.

A powerful example to remember is the Pledge of Allegiance. It is profound, yet it only takes 15 seconds to repeat the pledge. Fifteen seconds, not a minute. Go ahead and check me on that. A short, powerful statement delivered in 15 seconds.

Work to deliver a strong message and be brief about it. Less words equal more impact. Writing a meaningful message requires rewriting—editing and more editing.

When you weed a garden, what do you pull out? What do you leave in? Editing a message is the same process. Delete the clutter, pull out the weeds and throw them away. Eliminate the cute and cleaver attempts. Leave the tasty bits to glow in the sun.

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