Facebook Business Page Solutions

Smart marketing for brands and businesses requires review and accountability of your social media pages. The minimum action required is to update your Facebook business page weekly. Accounts that go weeks, and even months without an update are equivalent to hanging a “Closed,” sign on your door or the old days of websites with pages marked, “Under construction.”

At Lenz Entertainment Group, we offer Facebook Business plans at an affordable of $300 per month. Our plans include professional graphics displays and posts created specifically for your business on a weekly basis. Plus, two short, professional videos for your business each month—these videos alone are worth the monthly investment. Additionally, we do the posting for you to maintain timely postings. Additionally, with the Facebook business plan, Lenz Entertainment Group will create additional, long-form videos at discounted rates for our Facebook clients.

The LEG Facebook Business basic plan is $300 per month and the plan includes:

  1. A minimum of 10 postings per month guaranteed and we like to over-deliver on this promise.
  2. TWO 10 to 15-second videos created for your business using your logo and animation each month $199 value for each video
  3. We do the postings, management and monitoring for you. We will walk you through the permission process to get this started.
  4. LEG will create and/or edit your basic business listing to ensure clarity and completeness for your customers and prospects as well as indexing by search engines to raise your profile.
  5. Add or edit your Facebook Banner photo and icon. (LEG also creates short intro videos to replace the Banner photo for an additional fee).
  6. Update and/or edit page “Settings” and “Page info” and monitor for any needed changes.
  7. Create an easy-to-find username (in addition to your business name used on Facebook. It’ll make it easier for people to find your Page and give you a custom URL that you can share with others.
  8. Add or update your action button. Every Facebook Page has a prominent call-to-action (CTA) button below its cover photo. It is a great opportunity to get your Page visitors to take an action, such as sending you a message or learning more about your business.
  9. Customize your tabs menu to best suit your business. Tabs are essentially different sections of your Page, such as your posts, your photos, reviews of your business, etc.
  10. Monthly reporting. We will send you a snapshot of your “Insights” page so you can see how your page is doing and gain a sense of how your customers and prospects are engaging with your Facebook Business Page. 11.Vacation or slow business months – Need to take a break? Let us know before the 1st of any month that you want take a break for the month. We will re-start our services when its convenient for you.

Additionally, for more engagement with your Facebook followers, LEG produces short, effective videos that will greatly increase interaction with potential customers. The videos are an additional investment; however, we offer discounted rates for our Facebook clients.

Terms: Net 30 days billed EOM with online, detailed invoice. Agreement is month-to-month, Either party can cancel the agreement with a two-week notice at any time. (via email)

To get started, send us an email: Jerry@lenzentertainmentgroup.com