Facebook Strategy for small business owners

At Lenz Entertainment Group we advise our clients to commit to updating and engaging their business Facebook account on a weekly basis or delete it. An inactive business page on Facebook works against you and pushes potential customers away.

Facebook Strategy for small business owners: A good analogy is envisioning your business Facebook page as a store in a bustling shopping center (regardless of your industry). A retailer with inviting displays that are updated on a regular basis and featuring quality merchandise will draw people in to the store to shop. Contrast that with a store where the paint is faded, and the merchandise is soiled…not very inviting and sadly, this describes the vast majority of Facebook Business pages for small business owners.

Even worse is a store with the blinds draw and lights off because the shop owner still isn’t ready to open for business—that is what a Business Facebook page looks like when your most recent post is over two months old. You are telling the public that you are not yet ready to do business. Nonetheless, we understand the time demands for small business owners, so we provide effective and affordable solutions.

At Lenz Entertainment Group, we offer Facebook Business plans starting at $300 per month and our plans include professional graphics displays and memes created specifically for your business on a weekly basis. We will even do the posting for you, if you want, for timely postings. Additionally, for more engagement with your Facebook followers, Lenz Entertainment Group produces short, effective videos that will greatly increase interaction with potential customers. The videos are an additional investment; however we offer discounted rates for our Facebook clients.

Facebook Strategy for Small Business Owners