Housekeeping Before Advertising

Learn the power of Google My Business–and update it often

Google My Business is an incredible business building tool—or, it’s a sales killer for potential clients that research your business or brand.

Lenz Entertainment Group helps clients by producing videos and creating advertising campaigns, however, before we launch anything, we will check our clients Google My Business listing. Often, housekeeping is in order, if no one has been updating this major asset. Some businesses are not aware of how Google migrating businesses into its Google My Business platform. So, there are old logos, incorrect addresses and business hours. Sometimes the most current review is from 2014. All these little details need to be updated before launching any campaign. Besides, mom always told us to do our chores first, and then we could go out and play…or fidget with our phone. Lenz Entertainment Group, an Orlando video production company, provides professional video production for all types of videos. LEG also provides social media management services including helping you manage your Google My Business account. Let us help you build your business or brand–at affordable rates. Call (407) 221-6166

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