Marketers with a YouTube Channel grow revenue 49% faster

Marketers with a YouTube Channel grow revenue 49% faster

If your competition has its own YouTube Channel, it is because they realize that YouTube is the primary search tool, next to its parent, Google.

Overall, marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video businesses. The math proves a positive ROI for your business. YouTube’s algorithm is designed to help users find the right video to answer their question, and then keep them engaged and watching.

The increased traffic, engagement, and shares spurred by YouTube ultimately lead to conversion for your goods and services. Lenz Entertainment Group has affordable solutions for small business owners to take advantage of video marketing. We create videos for you at affordable rates. For example, a complete script to screen, 30-second video, including professional voice over is under $200.

Plus, we offer a huge bonus. We will build or optimize your company’s own YouTube Channel for you to capture FREE advertising on YouTube. Contact Jerry Lenz at 407-221-6166 or email

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