Marketing Model

A sound marketing model is a competitive advantage for businesses that utilize this powerful tool.

It is a business system based on unchanging principles in an ever-changing world. 

Lenz Entertainment Group works with its clients to develop their unique Marketing Model and to update the model as conditions and technology evolve.

Here’s a quick look at Step 1, Target.

Ask yourself, “What prompts someone to do business with me?” “What specific products or services are they seeking?” “What needs are they attempting to satisfy?” “What benefits do we offer that drive their purchase decisions?”

The Target step goes beyond basic demographics to zero in on the bull’s eye. This is your super key client or customer and marketing pros dig deep to truly know their Target’s bull’s eye.



Step 2: Benefits Sought. “What do your target customers want?” “What’s important to them AND what’s not important to them?” This is what they care about and the factors they will use in their purchasing decision.





Step 3: Competitive Analysis. When potential customers shop you, it’s important to take into consideration the competitors that will also be in the running. Understanding your competitor’s strengths and position in the market with brutal honesty, will help you think like your Target client thinks.





Step 4: Positioning. This is the core of your who, where, when, what and why that defines your business. Positioning is key in becoming a professional marketer. However, you cannot properly position your company without completing the first three steps of the Marketing Model. And, strong positioning is what your Target truly believes about your business.

Positioning is the significant difference with which you’re associated, remembered and why your Target values you.



Step 5: Promotion. When you’ve adequately completed the first four steps in your Marketing Model, you’re ready to plan your advertising campaigns. Use what you’ve learned and share this model with your trusted media partners inviting them to develop commercials and promotional campaigns in digital and traditional media, based on your true needs.




Are you ready to go from good to great?

It’s time to develop or expand your Marketing Model and Lenz Entertainment Group  with dramatically move your business forward it today’s competitive environment. Let’s work on developing your Marketing Model.