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LEG Marketing 

We provide a process to simplify marketing and produce sales. Whether you are a well-established business that desires re-imagining with a fresh marketing model or an upstart that needs complete branding services and a hands-on approach to help you launch your business, Lenz Entertainment Group can help.

Here is a quick look at our marketing services…

1.) Strategy—Market analysis, brand positioning, research assimilation, testing and media strategy, etc.

2.) Creative—Brand engineering, concept development, copywriting, graphic design and studio work, etc.

3.) Data—Data strategy and analysis, customer profiling segmentation, data modeling, list procurement, etc.

4.) Communications—Print, social and mobile media, direct mail and email, online display, websites, DRTV, etc.

5.) Broadcast Advertising—LEG has over two-decades of TV and Radio advertising and we provide single market services or multiple market campaigns

Lenz Entertainment Group’s mission is to tell Your Story to multitudes using the right media mix and message to produce results.[/porto_history][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Marketing Model

A sound marketing model is a competitive advantage for businesses that utilize this powerful tool. It is a business system based on unchanging principles in an ever-changing world. Lenz Entertainment Group works with its clients to develop their unique Marketing Model and to update the model as conditions and technology evolve.

The five steps of the model are 


Benefits Sought

Competitive Analysis


and finally, Promotion.

The Promotion Step is your advertising and marketing campaigns but it’s the last step in the process for a very good reason. You need to safeguard your budget and adequately plan before you start investing in advertising. This is one of the root causes for business failure.

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