People need People

People need people: Barbara Streisand sang “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world,” and it became an award-winning song from the Broadway musical Funny Girl. But before Barbara sang those words, Bob Merrill wrote the lyrics and Jule Styne composed the music. People do need people.

People need people

We need people to mentor us and challenge us if we’re open to personal growth. However, we cannot just be on the receiving side of the equation. We need to give to others. Our hands are amazing tools when we use them to lift others up, building them and encourage them. Seeking isolation to be as totally independent as possible is like asking for a prison sentence in solitary confinement. People need people.

Several years ago, I learned a powerful truth about living an interdependent life instead of trying to be independent. I was listening to Jack Hayford and he defined a self-made man (or woman) as the greatest example of poor workmanship. People need people.