Radio Show Coach


The purpose of Lenz Entertainment Group’s My Radio Show Coach is to help professionals host and build their own radio program and to coach them to improve and execute their program with excellence.  We believe that one of the best platforms for branding and building your product or service is to host a show on talk radio—you become the “expert” in the marketplace you serve. It sets you apart from your competition.

A good approach to beginning or improving a show is to think of it as a real estate purchase. Purchasing a one-hour brokered show on a radio station is a major investment, just as buying a home is a major investment. At first you just want to move in. However, most people want to make improvements. You can’t do it all at once, but you know you want to fix things up. It’s similar with a radio show. If you want the value of your show to go up, you have to make improvements and work at it. If you desire a strong ROI, it takes rolling up your sleeves and making a commitment to build this major asset.

My Radio Show Coach was launched by Lenz Entertainment Group where our tagline is “We wear Work Clothes for Pros.” If you decide that you want personal one-on-one coaching to build your radio program, you will be working with Jerry Lenz. His 40 plus years of sales and marketing experience has been in the entertainment business—first in working for record companies and all areas of the music industry. While in the music industry, Jerry learned the unique power of radio, as he supervised advertising campaigns for record companies. Later, he launched into a radio career serving for almost two decades in sales and marketing for major radio groups. During that time, he helped to build and launch dozens of radio programs in all types of industries such as home improvement, financial, legal, automotive, computers and digital, business-to-business, self-improvement and move.

We truly enjoy helping you achieve the success you desire in radio!

At Lenz Entertainment Group we begin by working directly with you to complete a custom Radio Program Marketing Model. Then, you’ll discover how everything flows from the model we complete together.


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