Size Matters

Size Matters

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The growth and importance of social media require a professional presentation of your business or brand. Too often updating the company Facebook page is assigned to “someone,” in the office instead of engaging a vendor with the right design ability and software to keep your company’s image presented in the same professional manner that you’ve built your company.

Rule #1 is Size Matters

We see social media posts daily that are not properly sized, cutting off part of the copy or image. It’s unflattering to the business and keeps viewers from further engagement. A professional designer knows the proper size for each platform—and it’s never one-size-fits-all.

Rule #2 Less is More

Professional copywriters engage in the art of re-writing, over and over again to reduce the amount of copy they use. You can add a link at the end for “more information” while keeping your message succinct.

Rule #3 Create your brand guide

Smart marketers use fonts, colors, and logos consistently. So, they keep them to a minimum as well to cause their audience to immediately identify with their goods and services. So, having a brand guide to using across multiple platforms in your marketing pays dividends. Lenz Entertainment Group, an Orlando video production company, provides professional social media management services at affordable rates for small business owners. Call or text: (407) 221-6166

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