The Entrepreneurial Explosion of 2020

The Entrepreneurial Explosion of 2020

Will We Experience an Entrepreneurial Explosion?

Entrepreneurial Explosion
This is a time to really grow!

The shelter in place restrictions potentially will create new entrepreneurial enterprises. Businesses and employees are being forced to make changes they may not like. However, employees with a positive attitude and vision may have just been given the gift of a lifetime. It is being kicked out of the nest and learning to fly on their own.  

In general, companies launched during a downturn tend to be far more durable and resilient than those started in better economies.

Creative thinkers will immediately spot new opportunities and launch companies offering goods and services. So, they can bootstrap such as the growing category of delivery.

Within just the past few weeks, consumers have downloaded delivery apps, mainly for food delivery but it will grow from there. The entire delivery industry is one of the few bright spots in the freelance and employment world.

If you are tired of risking your future by working for somebody else, maybe it is time to become your own boss. Moreover, there are no guarantees and the risks are greater. But the rewards are greater too.

If this is your time, spread your entrepreneurial wings and fly!

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