The Importance of a Website Welcome Video

The Importance of a Website Welcome Video

The Importance of a Website Welcome Video

Google Trends advises business owners to include a welcome video on their website. Studies show that if you have a single video on your website, your chances of being on the top page of Google search results pages are 50 times higher. Similar studies also tell us that people end up spending an average of two minutes more on a website if it has at least one video. Moreover, they are 60 percent more likely to become a customer.

Lenz Entertainment Group offers affordable video production–$199 for a complete script-to-screen, 30-second video, including professional voice-over.

Your company will greatly benefit from a Welcome video. Instead of visitors reading and scrolling through text, the welcome video makes it easy to communicate with new site visitors about your business. It also makes a personal connection with the viewer that is not possible through the written word.

A key reason why it is a good idea to create a website welcome video is because of the return on investment. A welcome video is something that will stay up on your site for more than a year. You may eventually want to create another one. However, you can easily get 12 to 24 months of boosted engagement and increased sales from a short video will a small investment.

An engaging Welcome Video becomes your most cost-effective “employee,” working for you 24/7!

For affordable, professional video production, contact Lenz Entertainment Group:  Call or text: 407-221-6166

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