The Ketchup Story

The Ketchup Story

Leaving “Financial Footprints,” for your heirs.

As a young boy, I enjoyed watching and helping my mom during canning season. Mom would transform tomatoes and spices into ketchup and then pour the mixture in small jars. We always had a jar of homemade ketchup in the fridge.

As I grew older, I noticed that my friends had name brand Heinz Ketchup with their meals, and I thought the bottle was far-more sophisticated than my family’s homemade ketchup. I thought we were just being cheap, and I’d even ask mom to buy the Heinz Ketchup.

What I learned was that my parents were being smart by preserving their capital. In their economy, having lived through the Great Depression and WWII, you didn’t waste money. My folks weren’t just saving money on ketchup, they were leaving me and my brothers “Financial Footprints,” to follow in life—SMART! And, by the way, I wish I could express how much better mom’s Ketchup was than the commercial, chemical-laden, national brand.

Jerry Lenz

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