The Power Hour

The Power Hour

One of the most dramatic changes you can make in attaining your most important goals is to change your daily routine. Set your alarm, one hour earlier and establish your own power hour. Some call it their golden hour.

If you read the biographies and autobiographies of successful men and women, most often you will find that they rapidly increased their success when they established their power hour and a new routine.

People of faith know how to begin their day with prayer.  A power hour allows you adequate time to give thanks, meditate and jumpstart your day. Inspired answers will come as you sit calmly in your new private time. Even non-believers benefit from the power hour by practicing positive thinking.

The power hour sets the tone for the day. It prepares your mind and sets you up to focus on the most important tasks for the entire day.

Remember, anything that is truly worthwhile in life requires discipline. Establishing and maintaining your power hour is a sacrifice. Moving outside your comfort zone is not easy.

However, when we look closely at super-successful people, we recognize that their extraordinary accomplishments are the result of thousands of ordinary accomplishments that no one recognizes or appreciates.  

No one will hand you an award plaque for your discipline of a power hour. Nonetheless, within three weeks of making this lifestyle change, an award plaque will seem trivial amidst all the benefits realized from your daily power hour.

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