The Power of Storytelling

A profound approach to marketing is developing your story, and then, telling your story to your target audience.

An outstanding way to develop strong marketing and advertising campaigns is to use storytelling. When we see a movie, our desire is a good story. Whether we like the movie, or not, we will tell others. The same is true in business, so having a good story to tell is powerful branding.

A compelling leader to study is Walt Disney. His senses were keenly tuned to the power of storytelling. He not only created great shows and attractions, he took you behind the scenes, so you could learn how Walt and his cast created the entertainment—stories about the story!

Let me give you a personal example.

In elementary school, I looked forward to Saturdays because dad would take me to his jewelry store and give me meaningful work to do. Like cleaning all the display cases, sweeping the floor, washing the windows and then learning how to create arrange a display window.

I enjoyed listening to him talk to customers. I sat next to him at his bench while he repaired watches and jewelry. I was fascinated.

When I was a little older, he put me in the advertising department. He strapped a bag over my shoulder and filled the bag with flyers.I walked door to door delivering flyers, he paid me to do this, however I was earning a hands-on education in what it takes to bring in new customers.

That of course is just a tiny slice of my story, however it’s no surprise that I have spent my entire career in marketing and advertising.

If your story is worth telling, it can be a mighty tool to use in your branding.

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J Willard Marriott