The Power of Testimonial Videos

The Power of Testimonial Videos

Whatever the product or service, customers seek testimonials and when you add the power of video on your website, Google My Business, social media and your own YouTube Channel, you increase your chances of winning new customers.

According to Forbes, video testimonials make great marketing tools because it is the act of one customer sharing the most important details of a product or service with another customer. A potential customer viewing a video testimonial should feel like an impartial bystander is offering them a helping hand.

Video testimonials build trust and videos have a higher retention rate.

Video is the preferred form of content by consumers and YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the internet with over two billion users. A video engages viewers with a real person to whom they can relate. Then, it uses the powerful tool of storytelling to show your potential customers why your product or service is worthy.

Videos get shared! Your loyal customers naturally become brand ambassadors.

Video testimonials convert!

Conversion is one of the most important parts of your marketing process. It is that magical moment that turns your potential customers into paying customers. When a potential customer is faced with a decision, they are more likely to trust one another than an advertisement. This relatability is only increased when your viewers see and hear a story like their own.

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