Time poverty–Get Your Time Under Control

Time poverty–Get Your Time Under Control

If you are overwhelmed with far too much to do and too little time to do it, you are not alone. Time poverty is a reality for many entrepreneurs. Budget limitations, staff cutbacks, downsizing, and competitive pressures are forcing business owners to take on more and more work.

You already know the answer—Time Management. Instead of shrugging your shoulders and assuming you already understand time management, Invest in yourself. The fact is that you can study time management and take time management courses for your entire business life and you will still never learn everything you need to know to get the most out of yourself while doing your job in the most efficient way.

The two indispensable keys to time management are: 1) the ability to set priorities; and 2) the ability to concentrate single-mindedly on one thing at a time.

Discipline yourself to start on your most important task and stay at that until it is complete. This will relieve much of your stress immediately.

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