Trustworthy People Do Not Gossip

Gossip is so destructive that it can derail your best laid plans. Organizations that thrive are upfront with their team about gossiping. It is smart to have and enforce a non-gossip policy.

Instruct your team on how to stop gossip. One effective way is when someone starts talking about the boss, or another team member, is to hold the palm of your hand out and say, “stop! If you have a problem with someone, go speak to them directly.”

Dave Ramsey teaches a similar method in his Entreleadership courses. He gives a gossiping person one chance. If they don’t obey, they are fired. People learn quickly when a company truly enforces a no gossip policy.

Here is a helpful proverb to remember, “Without wood, a fire will go out. And without gossip, quarreling will stop.”